Hey, I'm

Nicki Marie!

I'm so glad you decided to join me on this new and exciting journey of raw imperfections, juicy emotions, boundary pushing stories, and run on sentences with unnecessary lists, commentary, and ellipses.

PLUS there's this amazing new venture of brand design and project management with Inspired by Nicki Marie. Finally finding my niche has been the best part of my journey yet!

And since I'm pretty terrible at talking about myself, I asked some of my favorite people to take a shot at it...

Nicole now known as, Nicki Marie, has a passion for the arts, community and creativity. Nicole's motto is "I think, therefore I've had my coffee." She's a Starbucks aficionado who can easily make friends where ever she goes. If Nicole isn't working on a brand, hosting an event, or spending quality time with her favorite people, you can find her home cooking a delicious meal belting out one of her many  favorite songs!

Launch of

"When have you a vision bigger than you can articulate, much less realize, you need a talented facilitator. I found that in Nicole Marie. She enhances without imposing. She has the uncanny ability to weave through my rambling excitement and extract necessary information, bringing direction, focus, and forward movement. She knows what she’s doing. 


Her insight, creative brilliance, and mastery of branding, website development, and social engagement, is the bridge between imagining and achieving your goals. You walk away from each Nicole Marie consultation with fresh ideas and practical action items. Before you know it, she has driven you from concept to accomplishment, and you have enjoyed the journey. She is a gift not only to my life but also to those whom my organization serves. For that, I am very grateful!"


~Cheryl Shumake from Stepmom Sanity

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