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So, What are you doing now?

Updated: Apr 21, 2020

I was so excited to see her. She represented a time in my life that was much different. A time when I would drive hundreds of miles for a worship service. A time when I thought I was chasing freedom. A time in my life that I thought I was doing everything right, well mostly anyway. She probably didn’t remember, but I certainly did. She prayed for me years prior and was “ON POINT” as we often say. She prayed everything I was feeling and experiencing. Since that day, I had been stuck in a whirlwind, but I was finally coming out of it. I was finally able to say I’m happy and I’m doing well! I had been telling everyone…. and couldn’t wait to tell her too.

We caught up on all the small talk in the world and then she asked the question….

“So, what are you doing now?”

I started telling her all of the wonderful things that were happening in my life. I talked about work, healing, a life group that I was helping with (shout out to my loves in The New Creative), and even my journey of weight loss to gain to starting all over again. I felt so great about my answer… but in the back of my mind I knew this wasn’t what she was looking for. So needless to say, she asked the question again. This time saying,

“Okayyyyyy…. but what are you doing? Like, for you? What is God doing in you? You know, like, purpose.”

I was no longer excited……………. I just told her what God was doing. I just told her all of the wonderful things that were happening in my life. But again, I knew this wasn’t what she was looking for. I was so busy being excited about life finally going well that I ignored my new dreams and even the itches I had to create. So, I gave her a fake laugh, smacked my lips, took a deep breath and said “Uhhhhhh well I’m supposed to be writing. I’ve been doing some…. but I know I could be doing more.” My tone was no longer emphatic. I was nervous. My hands were sweating. And I all of a sudden, I had to go to the bathroom……

After being challenged by the end of that conversation to do more, I did exactly that. SIKE!!!! It was weeks before I started anything I could call serious. I set a CRAZY deadline, sent out a few HELP! messages and worked my behind off!

So, what am I doing now????? I am finally sharing my story with the world! And I would like to officially welcome you to this new and exciting season of raw imperfections, juicy emotions, boundary pushing stories, and run on sentences with unnecessary lists, commentary, and ellipses. Fasten your seatbelts; this is going to be an amazing ride! And this is where it starts!

CHALLENGE: Take 5 minutes and do something towards a goal or God given purpose that you would normally put off until tomorrow, or the next day. THEN, share with us below. 🙂


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