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Thriving in Transition

I have often found myself in the middle of transitions. Transitions of my own and assisting others through theirs. My friend and I recently decided that the word was played out! And though they are not my favorite moments, it is in transition that I often thrive. As we ALL know this pandemic has been like a never-ending carnival or Six Flags tea-cup ride. Non-stop spinning! And though I have had so much I’ve wanted to say, I just simply haven't…Tired, yes. Pissed off and angry, yes! Sad, yes! Lonely, yes! But mostly I’ve just been busy transitioning every area of my life!

Okay, so go on this tangent with me for a moment. If you know me, then you know that I love to serve people. I often don’t know how to sit down. Though the last few years have really forced me to learn the art of sitting and receiving... the beauty in serving others is still at my core. I mean, to see the smile on people's faces when they receive or experience something unexpected or needed can’t help but make you smile sometimes. And I am always honored, often to the extent of tears, when I am afforded the opportunity to be part of their experience.

Over the years I’ve learned that it’s not just serving that I love but it’s serving with purpose in excellence. Helping people find and fulfill their purposes, dreams, and destinies has ALWAYS been my heart. When I look at the many career paths that I thought I’d end up on, they were always centered at helping people reach their dreams. From teaching to psychology. From social justice to physical training, the heart was always the same.

While this season of life has proved to be like none other, it is also exactly the same (eye roll)! Filled with transition and trauma and yet I find my heart always drawing me back to helping others.

So why the heck wasn’t I able to write for so long? What in world has Nicki Marie been doing?

Well earlier this year a dear friend of mine and I were texting about the pandemic and the uncertainty that was sweeping the nation. THIS GIRL SAID, “Nicki, we MUST go into business for ourselves.” It punched me in my stomach. It was like the world stopped and all I read was “we must…” I don’t even think I ever responded to her. All I know is that within a few weeks, The Inspired Studio was birthed.

She didn’t know but she was breathing life into a dormant dream. She was speaking to that part of me that thrives in transition. The part that knows to press through in resilience. And the part that loves to serve people and see them reach every dream and fulfill each purpose.

I promise this post isn’t a plug for The Inspired Studio (though click here if you have a dream that you are ready to launch or are interested in brand development and/or management, web development, social media engagement, online presence, or project management).

The purpose of me writing today is simply to encourage you, that in the midst of a pandemic, nation-wide unrest, or any other crazy season you encounter, YOU CAN STILL THRIVE! Your dreams can still be fulfilled! And your purpose can still be reached!

So again, what have I been up to the last few months?

I’ve been thriving in the midst of transitioning it all!

Though I'm still uncovering the how to all this, my hope is to encourage each you over the next few weeks through my story of thriving in the midst of this pandemic. Don't get it twisted, things are far from perfect... but I am learning to love and live in each moment. I'm excited to share that with you. RAW of course! :)

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